The Practical Handbook to Attracting Women


Hey Guys, Michael here, and I want to share a story with you…

I made it through 4 years of high school and then an additional 4 years of university without ever going on a single date.

It also didn’t help that my electrical engineering class was 95% men.

I thought how can I be so intelligent in most areas, but still completely stumped when it comes to women?

After nearly ten years of bewilderment, I was forced to confront the fact that the years of my youth were quickly slipping away, and that I needed to solve this issue ASAP.

But where to even start!?

The majority of my friends faced the same issues as me.

And I had been doing everything that society told me to do for years, yet it had brought me zero success…

Well that was my first issue: listening to the terrible and counterproductive advice promoted by society and the mainstream media.

So I ventured into the interweb to seek alternative sources of knowledge.

Unfortunately, the kernels of actual good advice that I found online, were often wrapped within misogynistic rhetoric towards women. Or came from a place that was just completely F-ed up to begin with.

However, after digging through all the riffraff, I did discover one very important lesson: It is indeed possible for a person to learn to become better with women!


“What!? I thought you were just born a natural with women or you weren’t?”

I thought this too! Until I started applying certain basic principles and seeing INSANE results.

The farther down the rabbit hole I went, the closer I came to understanding the fundamental truths that are embedded within all communication.

Fast forward four years….

I have traveled the world and dated women in over 30+ different countries.

I have worked alongside the top dating coaches in the industry.

I have worked with hundreds of men and witnessed them achieve things that they never thought possible.

I posses the confidence, skill and knowledge that enables me to date high quality women within days of arriving in a new city.

I want this same transformation for you!

After taking trips back home and visiting old environments and friends, it pains me to see others still stuck where I once was.

I wrote this book specifically for those people. For those who have yet to embark on the pilgrimage that will change their lives.


I wrote this book so that I could shove it into the hands of others that were suffering and scream:

“Read this, learn these principles, and start living a more fulfilling life!
It’s all here, everything that I know!”

While I wrote this book so that it is accessible to everyone, it was written with specifically my past self in mind.

Having come from a technical background myself, I know firsthand the challenges that similar individuals are facing when it comes to meeting women.

It took me years of re-educating myself to eradicate the erroneous belief systems that were so heavily ingrained in my mind.

However, this was the most valuable education that I have received in my life. Had it been an option in the past, I would of happily traded my Ivy League diploma for a copy on this book. Since the knowledge in this book has contributed more to my life than any other subject that I have ever studied.

After discovering these fundamental principles for myself, I went from zero women in my life to dating multiple beautiful women a week.

By equipping yourself with the knowledge presented to you in this book, you too can go through the same transformation as me, but within only a fraction of the time.

Humans are social creatures, and our happiness usually directly correlates with the quality of our relationships. I can’t think of a single better way of improving one’s life then having the ability to effectively bring the people you want into it.

Despite this, many resources fail to address the end goal that the majority of men have.

While being able to pick-up women at a bar is for sure a useful skill, most men also want the ability to convert these initial interactions into fulfilling relationships.

The teaching in this book will allow you to stay on a more constructive path to achieving not only fun short-term rendezvous, but also long-lasting and fulfilling relationships.


In the end, you will only ever feel fulfilled if you are living a life that is in line with your own chosen values.

If you are forced to adapt a false persona to attract women, then you will only filter women into your life who relate to that false persona rather than to the real you.

In this case, you can become “successful” with women, while still not being any closer to having the relationships that you truly desire.

This book teaches you how to bring women into your life that complement your values.

While bars and nightclubs are useful for combating approach anxiety and gaining reference experiences, not everyone desires to go out and run around a nightclub five nights a week.

Being built upon core principles, the material presented to you in this book is applicable in all environments.

The principles taught in this book are in no way demographically specific; thus one’s culture, location and age makes no difference when applying them.

They can be applied just as effectively in a Vegas nightclub, as they can be at a meeting of your hometown book club.

Thus you can spend your time interacting with the types of women which share your values.


The approaches that most other resources use to instruct men to become better with women are inherently backwards.

These resources only teach techniques, while expecting men to piece together the reasoning behind them for themselves.

This allows for the drawing of wrong conclusions which can then greatly hamper future success. A set of tools is of no practical use, if you are unable to recognize the situations in which each tool is to be properly utilized.

Rather than drowning a reader under a deluge of miscellaneous tips and tricks, this book focuses instead on the core fundamental principles regarding attraction.

Knowing the theory behind a subject allows one to operate more effectively, make sense of their observations, and cuts down on the amount of experimentation needed to produce results.

The purpose of this book is to serve as a critical firmware update that will overwrite the current fundamentally flawed model of attraction that you have in your mind.

Book Contents Include:


  • NO FLUFF! Only back-to-back well refined principles and examples.
  • How a Nobel Prize winning physicist caused me question all my previously held beliefs regarding  attraction.
  • Why women appear to love jerks, and why you may not actually be the nice guy that you think you are.
  • How to show honest intent and avoid the dreaded “friend zone.”
  • How limiting beliefs and a scarcity mentality are holding you back.
  • How to develop a healthy sense of entitlement and confidence.
  • Why we are conditioned to fear rejection.
  • The difference between communicating information and making someone feel an emotion (Emotional Domain vs. Logical Domain).
  • The Four C’s of Female Attraction (Cleanliness, Confidence, Congruence, and Consistency).
  • Eight behavioral rules that you can immediately apply to improve your results.
  • How to conserve energy and momentum, and create a sustainable plan to enhance your social skills.
  • The MASTER THEORY behind all attraction.


“This book is the most concise analytical book on attraction in existence.” -Fabian, an electrical engineer

“Life changing. Someone finally explained attraction to me in a way that I can relate to.” -Steve, a physicist

“Within one week of learning this knowledge, I went on my first date in a long time.” – Kyle, an IT specialist

“This book showed me that it is never too late to start improving the relationships in one’s life.” – Kevin, a retired aerospace engineer.

In the process of doing the research for writing this book, I attended seminars, coached programs and reviewed products from different companies and instructors from around the world. I was amazed to find that people were spending thousands of dollars to simply attend lectures which provided information that was subpar at best.

While these lectures were often inspirational and entertaining, they were not always informative. What these attendees truly desired was a clear guide to success, not just motivational phrases which would be forgotten a day later.

This book is the guide to success for any man who truly wants to become better with women.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars and traveling to attend a seminar, for under $10, you can have the most critical, mature and well refined content either downloaded instantly or delivered directly to your door by clicking below.


If you are ready to be educated on the Fundamentals of Female Dynamics, gain life changing knowledge and learn to attract the women that you always wanted, then click below.

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