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Travel and Health Insurance Options

For those on a budget, and who are looking to be covered in an emergency:

World Nomads Travel Insurance


For those looking for more inclusive health insurance coverage:

Allianz Global Health Insurance


Bluehost Web Hosting

I’m a big fan of bluehost. I have tried other hosting platforms, and have determined that bluehost is the best. The ability to register domains, purchase hosting options, and process billing is all well integrated into a single platform. I cannot say the same about other web hosting companies. Bluehost provides incredible price deals when you initially signing up with them. Their new cloud hosting service let’s you immediately and temporarily add resources to your site in the event that one of your posts goes viral and you need a little extra power, and then scale them back to normal after the surge is over. This allows you to pay for only for what you need when you need it.



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