We are Living in a Simulation

We are living in a simulation. I’m not talking about a computer simulation like in The Matrix, but rather in a society that is no longer based in reality. We are doubling down on novel false narratives while simultaneously dismantling the foundations upon which our modern civilization was built.

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Four Great Intellectual Conversations

The following 4 conversations are all excellent. In each case, the person being interviewed has an extremely accurate worldview which they are able to articulate well to others. Thus it’s no surprise that two of them are billionaires and a third works as the manager of another billionaire’s investment fund. The more accurate your model of the world, the more successfully you can operate within it.

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How the West Will Lose its Freedom

The future of modern slavery for those living in Western nations will primarily be brought about by each individual’s growing complete reliance on an ever shrinking and consolidating number of powerful institutions. The issue will further be compounded by the complete loss of personal privacy and the inability to compete against entrenched institutions that hold massive information advantages over others.

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Travel and Health Insurance Options for Digital Nomads

After seven years of good luck health-wise while traveling around the world, I finally ended up in the hospital. And out of all places where my first ever hospitalization could of occurred, it ended up being a public hospital in Russia.

Fortunately, I came out the entire ordeal relatively unscathed, both physically and financially. However, the experience motivated me to research new travel health insurance options and spend the time calling companies and reading the fine print of different plans. Continue reading

The American Dream is a Ponzi Scheme

The current generation of Americans are being convinced to buy into outdated realities with the promise that they will later benefit from their investments. In actuality, the future returns that most people are expecting will never come to fruition. While the following examples may not technically be considered official Ponzi schemes by the full definition, the comparisons are still well warranted. The US is currently operating on borrowed time and money. Continue reading

#NoThanks Movement

There is a growing movement of Western expats who became fed up with the endless crap that they were being fed in their homelands and thus chose to move aboard. You will not identify members of this unofficial movement by solidarity frames placed upon their Facebook profile pictures, but contrarily by the fact that their social media accounts lie mostly dormant, free of shares of incendiary click-bait bullshit created solely for profiteering purposes. Continue reading

Ten Countries Where You Can Stay Indefinitely on a Tourist Visa

As a digital nomad, it can become exhausting constantly needing to move somewhere new every few months. Most countries have a maximum 30 to 180 day limit on how long those who enter the country as tourists can stay. This article will cover ten places in the world where citizens from most countries can stay indefinitely. Continue reading

Why You Should Care About Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

We are moving towards a cashless society. This was already true even before the invention of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cash transactions have been decreasing over the years as more and more people opt to use credit/debit cards, Paypal, Venmo and other online banking platforms. For those concerned about the lack of physical tangibility of digital money such as Bitcoin, you should realize that most of your money is already just a number in an online database. Continue reading

Why Men Are Fleeing The West

Let me preface this article by saying that I am extremely fortunate to have been born in an Western nation and had the opportunity to grow up in a place of relative stability and prosperity. Often people from such nations, who have never traveled abroad themselves, cannot even fathom why a person would choose to live abroad. However, to the exponentially growing number of male expats that I have met abroad, the reasons are abundantly clear. Continue reading

How I Made Over $500 by Paying my Student Loans and Taxes

I was a late comer to the credit card reward points game. I always thought that I spent too little on average each month to ever make a credit card really worth it. I also despise any type of debt, and view it as the antithesis of freedom. Plus after living in Europe, where credit is not readily available, I had gotten used to just using direct debit cards for everything. I was not aware that Americans are often offered absurdly large bonuses when signing up for credit cards.

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The World’s Worst Tourists

The following list comes from my personal travel experience, and is written solely for entertainment purposes. There are great people as well as boneheads in every nation. This article is in no way a condemnation of all the people which come from a particular nation, but simply a commentary on common trends of those who travel abroad. Continue reading

The End of Civil Discourse

Things are getting a bit loony in the USA. Hysteria has become the standard reaction to almost everything, overwhelming and desensitizing the public, and preventing them from being able to distinguish where real concerns actually lie. When everyone who disagrees with you is Hitler, such language loses its potency, and thus in turn we lose the ability to identify actual threats. Continue reading

Georgia Travel Guide

Value: 5/5

Livability: 3/5

Nightlife: 2/5

While a popular tourist destination among Russians and Turks, many Westerners are not very familiar with Georgia. The country is located in the Caucasus region, tucked between Russia and Turkey. Georgia has an extremely liberal border, allowing citizens from most nations to enter without a visa and stay for an entire year straight at a time.
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