How to Rob a Nation Blind

This is a guide on how a society can be structured to allow a few wealthy elite to optimally extract the majority of wealth from its nation’s citizens.

The primary motive behind every decision is always to lower the cost of labor and maximize corporate profit margins. Starting with the obvious, manufacturing and any labor intensive production should be relocated or outsourced to cheaper countries and/or automated.

Corporations should be allowed to merge and impose regulatory barriers to prevent the entrance of any new competition into a market. If a complete monopoly cannot be formed, remaining corporations in a market should avoid direct competition with each other by minimizing any overlap in areas of service.

It is best that a consumer only has one local option when it comes to either flying a specific air traffic route, choosing an internet provider, purchasing health insurance, etc. It’s much easier for a corporation to become richer through rent-seeking behavior than actual growth.

Banks must be made as few and as large as possible. They must be too large to let fail. When they need money, the money should be printed and given to them in exchange for their riskiest and most overvalued assets, through a process known as quantitative easing. This way risk can be transferred from corporations to the country’s citizens. Socialize the risks, but privatize any and all financial gains.

The nation’s currency should not be tied to gold or any other standard which would limit the amount that can be printed by the nation’s central bank. Don’t worry about inflation. The printed money will be going into so few wealthy people’s deep pockets that it won’t enter true circulation. Inflation will only occur if one redistributes this wealth to poorer people who would go out and spend it. Thus wealth redistribution should be avoided at all costs.

To sustain this printing of money, the GDP of the nation must grow every year. However, the nation’s internal productivity will often alone not be enough. Wealth will also need to be extracted from other nations through use of both coercion as well as force when necessary.

Poorer nations should be given loans that they can never repay, and be forced to spend the borrowed money on goods and services that are provided by the lending nation’s corporations. Interest will be collected on loans until the borrowing nation defaults, at which time they will be forced to sell their nation’s assets at bargain prices to the lending nation’s corporations to cover their debts.

Changing the leadership of nations which contain socialized natural resources to new leaders that are willing to privatize and liquidize their country’s assets is especially lucrative.

Politicians should work for the interests of corporations and not their constituents. This can be done by guaranteeing politicians lucrative job positions after they leave office in the form of retrospective bribes. It would be best to make the process of running for office as expensive as possible to force the politicians to need to ask for money and become indebted to corporations before they even enter office.

There should be two parties so that citizens believe that they have choice, however neither party should actually represent the interests of labor. Identity politics should be promoted to cause division and have people congregate around as many different ethnic, racial, cultural, religious, and sexual identities as possible. Citizens must constantly remain divided so that they never unite around the common cause of labor.

The news media should operate as the propaganda wing of a larger corporation. There is no need for real journalism, since a news story’s purpose is just to shape the public consensus on issues of interest to their parent corporation. In addition, news anchors and late night hosts jobs are to divide the populace and redirect their viewer’s discontent away from its true causes.

The falling birthrates in developed nations will result in domestic labor shortages. A lower supply of labor could result in competition and thus higher wages for workers. To combat this, large amounts of immigration will be necessary in the long term. However, large and fast changes in demographics can cause great friction and strife within a society. Thus the nation’s culture will need to be preconditioned to accept these changes prior to their arrival.

The nation will need to be convinced that there is a shortage of skilled labor, when in reality there is only a shortage of skilled labor at cheap prices.

If one’s nation is small, it should form a union with other poorer nations and give those other nation’s citizens the freedom to travel and right to work within their nation. The best and brightest from poorer nations can then be harvested to work within the wealthier nation, where they will be content working for salaries that are far lower than what the domestic market would naturally set.  

The ultimate end goal is to have as many functionally identical swappable cogs as possible. The black, brown, yellow and white cogs should all fit and work together, and be seamlessly interchangeable.

To clarify, the primary goal is not to benefit the historically disenfranchised by granting them access to what were traditionally higher wage jobs, but instead to increase the labor supply to lower the wages of all workers. The less homogeneous a single working group is, the less likely they are to unionize.

Men and women should be encouraged to pursue careers in high paid occupations that traditionally lacked the presence of their gender. The increase in competition for these jobs will help lower these occupation’s average salaries.

Women should not be encouraged to have children. Time that is spent raising a child is time spent outside the workforce. Parents should be discouraged from taking time off and not provided with any type of paid maternity or paternity leave. Obviously there should also be no government mandated paid vacation.

The society should place little value on child-rearing or taking care of the elderly. The few fortunate households that can still survive with a nonworking adult member should be socially shamed and called lazy for their choice not to participate in the workforce.

It is more cost effective to import young educated and skilled adults from other societies that have already covered the costs of raising and educating them.

University PhD programs and medical residency programs should be filled with foreigners whose visas are tied to their studies. You will only have to pay these individuals a meager stipend, and they will often work as indentured servants for 80+ hours a week.

Immigrant visas should be tied to the individual’s place of employment, so that they have less bargaining power when negotiating their salary. This will help lower the labor costs of the few standard professions which still provide livable wages.

There should be an open border policy to allow for a surplus of lower skilled labor. Anyone who disagrees is to be labeled as xenophobic, racist and heartless.

People’s healthcare should be tied to their employment to deprive them of bargaining power and to increase the risk associated with trying to leave one’s current employer for a new job. There should be a small monopoly of insurance companies to choose from and little transparency in prices within the healthcare industry as a whole.

The quality and standards of public schools should be lowered so that the average university diploma will equate to what a high school diploma previously represented.

The university’s primary goal should not be education, but to indoctrinate the nation’s citizens into accepting the aforementioned new social order. All the nation’s citizens should be encouraged to attend universities and to go into debt.  Indebting people at the very moment that they become an adult will create a more desperate and manageable work force.

Student debt should not be forgivable through bankruptcy so that the debtor may have to remain in the workforce for their entire lives.

Universities can be rewarded for their compliance by not taxing their endowments and letting them operate as tax havens for the rich.

Public transportation should be severely limited. It is better to require each household to takeout multiple auto-loans.

Taxation should be tied to citizenship of the nation and not to a person’s physical place of residency. Those who wish to relinquish citizenship should be required to pay an expensive fee to do so.

Antidepressants should be made easily available to the nation’s citizens, since such an extractive system will inevitably cause depression and mental health issues among the populace.

By implementing the above recommendations, the wealthy elite of a nation can maximize their short-term profits in exchange for the long-term health and success of their country and its citizens.

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