Setting Sail

The cool morning air blew across my face as I stared down the rail line in the direction which I anticipated my train would arrive. Others waited in the train station reading their papers and sipping their coffees, as a man on a loudspeaker recited lines in a language I did not speak. For my traveling companions, today was just a normal day in their lives. However for me, it felt like the day I was truly born. I was now half a world away from everyone I had ever known, alone with my backpack. It was comforting and exhilarating to feel the weight of the backpack through the straps which rested upon my shoulders. I could so easily carry everything I needed and was free of all excess baggage. I was not sure of my final destination, but nor did I really care. I was free to choose. Free to go where I wanted and have the experiences that I desired. Free to be the man I wanted to be. As my train slowed to a stop and the doors opened, I was not just stepping on-board; I was stepping into a new way of life. That day I discovered the true taste of freedom.

While my story focuses on travel, this is only one facet of freedom. This freedom is what I want to share with others, and more importantly help others discover for themselves. The general life lessons and principles that one should learn are not taught on a wide scale. Many have been forgotten while others are being actively suppressed. The longing for freedom is universal, but is often stifled both directly and indirectly by society. In today’s fast paced in your face world, it is hard to even find one’s calling. Especially when so many others are trying to actively sell you their brand of life.

This website is the beginning of a journey. However, unlike most journeys, there is no final destination. The majority of a life is not made up of its sporadic achievements and failures, but by the moments that connect them. To live a great life is to maximize one’s experiences. True freedom, love, and loss cannot be explained in words but must be experienced.

I hope we can learn, grow and experience to the fullest this train ride we call life.

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