Four Indirect Benefits from Learning Success with Women

While the obvious direct benefit from increasing one’s competence with women is the ability to choose from an abundance of potential romantic partners, many indirect benefits are also acquired in the process. Benefits that will prove vastly more valuable in the long term than just the simple ability to land more dates.


1. Develop an Objective Worldview

Many of our deepest held assumptions about reality are inaccurate. Our minds are full of preconceived notions, which we have picked up from social conditioning, accepted at face value and never bothered actually verifying for ourselves.

Learning to become successful with women almost always requires one to relinquish deeply seeded long-held beliefs and replace them with a more accurate worldview and understanding of attraction. Just having the willingness to question the founding beliefs upon which one has based decisions their entire life can be an incredibly daunting act. However, after pushing through the initial discomfort of having one’s long held beliefs challenged, there is immense joy from witnessing the results which occur after one adapts a more accurate view of reality.

The ability to take in evidence that may contradict everything that you thought you knew, rather than succumbing to confirmation biases, skyrockets a person’s level of awareness. One discovers that by being willing to think and act differently than how the majority of other people think and act, they are able to achieve results that most people will never obtain.

A seed is planted in the mind which inquires:

“If I was wrong about this, what else might not be true? And how else can I improve my understanding of the world so that I can better navigate through it?”

New opportunities, previously hidden by a limited mindset, become perceivable as clarity grows in all areas of one’s life.


2. Attain Personal Empowerment

After becoming successful in an area of life which many people initially find the most hopeless, the resulting boost in self-confidence overflows into other areas. Pursuing a promotion at work or starting one’s own business starts to seem a lot more viable. One learns that through persistently taking action, they have more control over their circumstances than they may of at first realized. By actively applying oneself and choosing against having a victim mindset, one has the power to actively shape their life.


3. Become Comfortable with ‘Failure’

The process of improving how one relates with women requires one to repeatedly open themselves up to the possibility of rejection. Without first becoming comfortable with temporary ‘rejection’ or ‘failure,’ one will never be able to achieve consistent results.

The fastest way to become better at something, or to develop a better product or solution, is through iteration. Taking action, falling short, learning from one’s mistakes, and then trying again is the process for rapid growth in any area. There are often no lasting consequences to something not working the first time.

However, it is incredibly difficult to continuously repeat this process until fruition if one is overly critical and hard on themselves whenever they fail or make mistakes. Whether its learning a new skill or creating a new business, a person needs to be comfortable with temporary setbacks and be able to receive and utilize negative feedback constructively. One must evolve so that their sense of self-worth and core confidence comes from within, and not have it be dependent on external conditions.


4. Improve Social Skills

The more a person puts themselves into social situations, the faster their general social awareness will grow. Social skills are like a muscle, they must be utilized often in order to grow.

As a person who travels frequently to new countries, the ability to easily strike up conversations with strangers and make new friends is invaluable. Most people are afraid to travel alone to new places where they do not know anyone. However, with solid social skills, new friends and adventures are never hard to come by.

Being able to accurately read people gives you an advantage in all situations. Whether its talking to a girl at the bar, or negotiating with your boss, being able to better understand your counterpart on multiple levels will increase your ability to effectively communicate with them.


If you are interested in improving your success with women and gaining all the aforementioned benefits in the process, then check out the book Fundamentals of Female Dynamics.


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