Why Men Are Fleeing The West

Let me preface this article by saying that I am extremely fortunate to have been born in an Western nation and had the opportunity to grow up in a place of relative stability and prosperity. Often people from such nations, who have never traveled abroad themselves, cannot even fathom why a person would choose to live abroad. However, to the exponentially growing number of male expats that I have met abroad, the reasons are abundantly clear.


1. The West is Expensive

While average wages have been stagnant relative to inflation for decades, the cost of living has gone up. Can you even still believe that there was such a time in the USA where a typical family of four could afford their own home and car on the salary of just one factory worker? It’s often easier to save a dollar than make a dollar, but the high cost of living has made it difficult for many people to save any money.

These are just some the typical costs of living as a self-employed entrepreneur in the USA: self-employment/payroll tax, federal taxes, state and city taxes, property taxes, rent, extremely overpriced health insurance, car insurance, and cell phone/internet bills. After adding a potential home mortgage, car loan or student loans on top of all this, one may be left in the red.

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When living abroad, one can leverage currency exchange rates to live like a king. In many cases, you can end up getting much more while spending much less. You can live in a larger apartment, located in a nicer neighborhood, surrounded by better restaurants all for a cheaper price. This is of course all based around one’s ability to earn more than the average local by working online and living an location independent lifestyle.


2.  Greater ‘Freedom’

We discussed above how many Americans are easily trapped into living lives of indentured servitude due to personal debt and high living costs. You can read here about How to Avoid the American Debt Trap.

A simple definition of freedom is the ability to go where you want, when you want, with who you want to do what you want. While often championed for their constitutional freedoms, Western countries can lack many simple little everyday freedoms. For example, you can be fined in the USA by the police for simply drinking a beer while out picnicking in a public park.

The standard American vacation allotment of only two weeks per year is also not enough to provide a person with the ability of doing any amount of substantial traveling within their own country let alone abroad.

Perhaps the greatest freedom is the ability to express one’s opinions freely without fearing an overly disproportionate backlash.


3. Feminine Women

The dating pool of women in the West can be pretty bad, especially bad in countries such as the UK and USA. But honestly, I would not be surprised if Western women were equally disappointed in their selection of men. The ongoing pussification of the West has left few real men for women to love.

In addition to pussification, obesity is also becoming an epidemic. The high fructose corn syrup pumped into almost every highly processed product on American shelves has made the average person fat and addicted to sugar.

You will find many healthier and attractive individuals outside the US. Even if you were to discount the superficial benefits of dating women who posses better physiques, dress and overall appearances, you would still be left with women who are more feminine.

True femininity has nothing to do with a women’s physical appearance, submissiveness or willingness to preform stereotypical traditional duties such as cooking, cleaning and child rearing. True femininity is simply an energy that certain women embody. It is a positive, loving, playful, nurturing, caring warmth. It’s an energy that must be felt and cannot be fully described in words.

Masculine and feminine energy are the yin and yang which together allow for attraction, desire and healthy relationships. Unlike what many third wave feminist preach, being feminine does not mean that a woman must limit herself to specific gender roles or be treated less equal than a man in anyway. It simply means that she fully loves and accepts herself as a women.

Likewise, masculine energy does not mean a man is part of some oppressive patriarchy, but simply that that he has drive, dedication and purpose.

Here is a quick case study between an American and Russian music video. Can you spot which one contains the feminine women?



While I was studying at university in the US, sorority girls loved to emulate Ke$ha music videos by partying “hard, hard, hard hard hard hard” and pounding budlights until they puked. I don’t know how such attitudes and behaviors are passed off as being ‘sexy’ in American culture. I would prefer to invite a girl over and not have to clean puke stains and glitter out of my carpet.


4. Unbearable Work and Social Environments

The typical American corporate office has become a minefield. One half overheard joke taken out of context could result in you being reprimanded by HR and having to spend the weekend completing an online compliance training course. It used to be that once a person left high school they were considered to be an adult, but now both universities and the corporate work place have become areas where people require constant ‘adult’ supervision.

I don’t want to be around anyone who uses the terms mansplaining, manspreading, microaggression, triggered or even foodie (we all eat food, you are not special). The soul crushing existence of such environments can be seen on their inhabitants faces. Due to a fear of being targeted and shamed for saying anything that may be considered even slightly non PC, everyone if forced to hide behind a fake mask. This greatly limits the ability for any two individuals to have an authentic interaction.



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