#NoThanks Movement

There is a growing movement of Western expats who became fed up with the endless crap that they were being fed in their homelands and thus chose to move aboard. You will not identify members of this unofficial movement by solidarity frames placed upon their Facebook profile pictures, but contrarily by the fact that their social media accounts lie mostly dormant, free of shares of incendiary click-bait bullshit created solely for profiteering purposes.

Members of the #NoThanks movement often acknowledge one another with a small understanding nod while drinking a Caipirinha on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, or a White Russian at a bar in Moscow. They will raise their glasses and pay tribute to the fallen innocent victims of the escalating war on common sense that is taking place back in their homelands. They sadly know that most of their compatriots will not fare as well as they have. Instead of discovering that there are alternatives to the madness, they will either be coerced into joining faux causes or risk social and career suicide via public shaming.

As when dealing with the destructive wildfires in California, one must know when the conditions are right to fight or when evacuation is the better option. Unlike other movements, the #NoThanks folks are neither formally united nor are they trying to cram an agenda down the throats of others while actively persecuting all those who may disagree with them. On the contrary, they keep their views to themselves and quietly try to slip out the back door.


#NoThanks members have simply rejected the false dichotomies of choice which were presented to them, and disembarked from the crazy train that’s running through their society. When presented solely with such terrible options, they simply and politely reply ‘No thanks,’ and then go about living their own awesome lives.

Do you want to work in a cubicle for 60 hours a week, get paid for 40, two weeks of vacation a year, and have your future career in the hands of HR personnel who know nothing about your field of expertise?


And when it comes to dating in America….


As the circus continues to get out of hand, there comes a point where you are just like “ok everyone, you all have a good time, but that’s it for me. I’m out.”


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