Budapest, Hungary Travel Guide

Value: 4/5

Livability: 3/5

Nightlife: 4/5

Budapest was once two separate cities split by the Danube river. I recommend staying on the “Pest” side of the city, since it is not only cheaper, but also where all the nightlife and attractions are. However, I do recommend visiting the Buda side, and climbing up its hillside so that you can get a view of the Pest side from across the river, such like the one shown in the photo below.



Budapest’s low cost of living and active nightlife has made it a popular destination for both expats and backpackers. Both lodgings and living costs are extremely low.  You can find places selling a slice of pizza for less than a dollar. Similar to Prague, do to being a popular tourist destination, you will often hear English more often in certain parts of the city than the local language.

I’m not a fan of bar crawls in general, but if I was going to pick a city to do one, it would be Budapest. Budapest has a lot of unique places know as ruin bars. Ruin bars are establishments that are decorated with old furniture and other random objects that many people may label as rubbish. A bar crawl in Budapest will allow you to get acquainted with many of these places, so that you can pick your favorites to come back and visit later on.

Budapest is a city that is well worth a visit, but the constant influx of rowdy tourists which has taken over its nightlife has disqualified it from my list of cities that I would want to live in long term.


Recommended Places:

Communist Free Walking Tour

This was one of the best walking tours that I have ever taken. Learning about day to day life in communist Hungary was fascinating, and the guide told many engaging stories.


Budapest Bath Houses


Budapest is famous for its bath houses, where you can swim, lounge or get a massage.


Szechenyi Baths at Night


There are parties in the some of the bath houses on the weekends. It normally costs 35 to 40 Euro, but some tickets include drink coupons. You are given a lanyard attached to a chip ID card which can be used to open and close your locker and pay for drinks (pre-paid credit must be first placed on the card). The pools are well heated, thus you won’t freeze at night. And Yes, they let you take your drink with you into he pool. I personally thought that the price was worth the experience.



Szimpla Kert Ruin Bar (Budapest, Kazinczy u. 14, 1075 Hungary)

This is one of the coolest decorated bars that I have ever been to, and my favorite ruin bar in Budapest. This bar has a large central area that is good for mingling, and many other side bars surrounding it. Most the people you meet here will be foreigners.

Szimpla Kert


Instant (1065 Nagymező utca 38.)

Another ruin bar with many different rooms and interesting decor. Again, this place will primarily be filled with foreigners.


Morrison’s 2 (Szent István krt. 11, 1055 Hungary)

A bar that’s a bit outside the city center, but can be reached by taking the Metro blue line to the Nyugati pályaudvar stop. I liked this bar since it was filled mainly with locals, although they erred a bit on the younger side. While there was an entrance fee of a few dollars, it basically let you then drink to your hearts content. There is an open area in the middle that is good for mingling, with multiple other rooms containing dance floors and lounges on three different floors.

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