Saint Petersburg, Russia Travel Guide

Value: 3/5

Livability: 4/5

Nightlife: 4/5

Saint Petersburg is the most “European” of Russian cities; architecturally looking a bit like Paris, while its canals will remind one of Amsterdam. The city’s deep underground metro lines span great distances to connect the city center with its suburbs. The metro costs about 50 US cents per ride, and during rush hour arrives as frequently as once every minute. The cities affordability to travelers has risen considerably in recent years because of the depreciation of the local currency.

While Moscow is for hustling and earning money, Saint Petersburg is the city for art and culture. People in Saint Petersburg take their time, and you will not see them running up the metro escalators as people do in Moscow. The city is also the most tourist friendly in Russia, with most restaurants in the city center having menus in English. There are also an infinite amount of options for going out in the evening in Saint Petersburg. Although during slower nights, I feel that this can spread thin the people who are out.

If you are a US citizen, you can read here about the process for obtaining a visa.


Recommended Attractions:

Museum of Cosmonautics and Rocket Technology (Located inside the Peter and Paul Fortress)

A museum devoted to the history of Russian cosmonautics and rocket technology and the role played by the Petersburg-Leningrad scientists, engineers, and designers. While not as grand as the larger cosmonautics museum located in Moscow, it is still very much worth visiting. Exploring the fortress surrounding the museum is also worth the visit.



A former place turned into an incredibly large museum spanning multiple interconnected buildings filled with art work. An entire day could easily be spent in this museum.


Grand Market Russia (Tsvetochnaya ul., 16, Sankt-Peterburg, 196084)

A large layout of Russia represented with miniatures, including active model trains and cars.


Mariinsky Theater

This iconic theater hosts ballets, operas and orchestral performances. There is also a second newer theater built directly behind the original. While tickets for famous performances such as Swan Lake can be priced in the hundreds of dollars range, one can try buying last minute balcony tickets directly from the ticket office for non sold out shows at a greatly reduced rate.


Recommended Remote Working Spots:

Writers’ Bookstore

Located in the city center on the left side of Nevsky Prospekt near the bridge that crosses Fontanka River walking in the direction of from the Hermitage to Fontanka river. This cafe offers cheap coffee and is a good place to work remotely.


Cafe Zinger

Located on the second floor of the House of Books, this cafe servers coffee at a higher price, but gives you a beautiful view out its windows of the Kazan Cathedral. Seats near power outlets may also be limited at this location.


Recommended Nightlife:

Saint Petersburg Nightlife Guide: Bars and Clubs

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