My Five Favorite Politically Incorrect Travel Blogs

Let’s be honest, most travel blogs suck. Not only are they boring, but also often inaccurate and at best describe a city’s tourism industry instead of telling anything about the actual country or people.

Or they are just the ramblings of a Southern California girl who took a 10 day vacation to Barcelona. Yes, please tell me about the great meaning of life epiphanies that you had while eating avocado toast in a cafe.

Having spent the better half of the last decade continuously traveling abroad, and staying weeks to years in different countries/cities, I often find myself shaking my head ‘No’ while reading travel articles about places where I have been. But honestly, if a travel columnist only spends 72 hours in a city, what more can you really expect.

The other issue is that the majority of the really cool guys and girls with whom that I have crossed paths with over the years, that actually do have amazing experiences and businesses, are all too busy kicking-ass to have the time to document it.

I personally like the following blogs, not because I necessarily agree with what the majority of the author’s write, but because they are RAW and AUTHENTIC. And in today’s world, real authenticity is scarce.

Travel Blogs – Number 1:

HARALD BALDR BLOG and his YouTube Channel

A self-proclaimed Norwegian Libertarian ‘refugee’ who left his native land due to irreconcilable differences, Harald has been traveling the world for over a decade. His YouTube travel Vlog is one of the best that I have come across. He has aerial drone footage of locations, go-pro motorcycle videos of him zipping through the jungles of Asia, and interviews with locals in countries where he has actually learned the local language.

Travel Blogs – Number 2:

This is Trouble Blog

Kyle, who has interviewed me, has shaken off his corporate shackles and successfully built a new life overseas. Kyle does not sugarcoat the experience or try to sell you some fake fantasy reality. He is straight forward about what it takes to build an online business, and even created an online course on how you can do it yourself.

If you are looking to get starting making money online, I recommend his program.

Travel Blogs – Number 3:

Maverick Traveler Blog and his YouTube Channel

James Maverick, who was born in Ukraine and grew up in the USA, has lived the last decade all over the world. Having personally spent significant amounts of time in the same Eastern European cities as James, I found his observations to be completely on point.

Travel Blogs – Number 4:

Naughty Nomad Blog

The blog of a crazy Irish man. I personally loved reading his original travel memoir, which includes stories of traveling through Antarctica and being held up by armed gunmen in the Congo. Mark has traveled to places where many others would never dare to go.

Naughty Nomad: Not your Typical Backpacker Story.

Travel Blogs – Number 5:

English Teacher X Blog

A very gritty non-glorified blog about the life as a English as a second language teacher working around the world. As of 2018, it looks like he plans to quit writing his blog. This blog is a good example of how one should not necessarily go about moving abroad. Rather than spending nine years living in a second tier Russian city in relative poverty, I would instead recommend building an online business where you can leverage currency exchange rates to increase your quality of life.

English Teacher X is giving away his first memoir for free on Amazon.

Travel Blogs – Bonus:

Bald and Bankrupt

Mr. Bald of the Bald and Bankrupt Youtube channel travels the world and has authentic interactions with locals in places that most other people would not dare travel to themselves.

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