As a digital nomad who is super conscientious about what gets to take up precious space in my bag, I give extra though to every item that I buy. The following is a list of my favorite must-have travel items.


Honor 7x Phone

I replace my phone exactly every two years. When I am picking out a new phone, I optimize around capability for price. I also want a phone that I would not be too upset about losing if I got robbed. Since I don’t play games on my phone, run only basic email and chats apps, and save pictures and videos to an external memory card, pretty much every phone nowadays has enough storage space. Thus it is primarily only worth paying for more RAM and a quality camera.

The new Honor 7x phone is by far the most advanced phone for its price on the market. Hands down. At only $200, it is literally better than phones which are priced at twice as much. I would not be surprised if the company is selling them for little profit in order to acquire market share for future product sales.


Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

The Kindle Paperwhite has a back-light that allows reading in dark conditions. This small added feature alone makes it worth paying slightly more for the Kindle Paperwhite over getting just the normal Kindle. As an avid reader, a Kindle gives me the ability to carry with me limitless books without worrying about them taking up space in my bag.





Lenovo ThinkPad E570

I have been using Lenovo since the brand was still part of IBM. While I have I noticed a decrease in the quality of the external device casings after IBM sold the brand (just down to the same quality as their competitors), the internal components still remain decent. A solid state internal hard drive is now a must if your really want fast performance, in addition to 8 GB of RAM. I think Lenovo still has the best quality for the price. I actually still carry a second small Lenovo laptop at the bottom of my bag as a backup computer.


LaCie External Hard Drives

These external hard drives are especially great when used with USB-C or Thunderbolt connections. They are fast enough you can do video editing without needing to move the files onto your computer. They are also well constructed with a protective case that can take some banging around.





I really wish that I had bought a GoPro earlier than I did. It’s not until that you are halfway through some awesome adventure that you will wish that you could of documented some of it.


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